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About us

We deliver a complete textile rental and laundry service to all types of activities. We offer everything from clothing to chefware, cloths, entrance mats, mops, bed and bath linen and hygiene equipment to public toilets. Across our four business lines – Hospitality, Healthcare, Workwear and Facility – we work with thousands of organisations all over Europe that make our lives possible.

Our Vision

In a world that is increasingly complex and fragmented, multi-service providers have a major role to play in delivering solutions that anticipate and solve customer needs, thereby fostering their professional success. We truly believe that the cornerstone to achieving this is being constantly attentive, dedicated and agile enough to take any necessary action.

Our Mission

As our customers’ best partner for today and tomorrow, we imagine, develop and provide bespoke solutions that create value for them and for their end-users.

Our values

The values that have always formed Elis's backbone – Respect for others, Exemplarity, Integrity and Responsibility - provide a frame of reference to guide our actions and inspire our choices.


Elis's Badges

1 / 2 Badges Achieved

Inclusivity Campaign

Members who have attended workshops on inclusion in the workplace and improving workplace mental health gain the inclusivity badge. To learn more about becoming a member of the Made in Group inclusivity campaign visit www.madeequal.com

Event Passport

Members who have the passport badge have enhanced membership that includes the option to attend all national events. To enquire about becoming a passport member email richard@firstorchard.com

Services Elis Provide

Elis is an international textile, hygiene and facilities services business with leading positions in the majority of the 28 countries across Europe and Latin America in which it operates.

Better protection

The work Elis does helping to select and maintain workwear ensures all three goals can be met.

Be our guest

We help make it possible for hoteliers and restaurateurs to meet those expectations and to deliver that experience, through the provision of textiles and added value services.

The best mat, whatever your needs…

Whether you’re looking to reduce dirt, promote your business or create comfort for your employees, an Elis mat gives you a world-class solution.

Why buy a mop when you can rent one

Unlike most mop suppliers, we’re a rental company. That means, not only do you get the most up-to-date and innovative products, but your mops are laundered and faulty parts replaced without you having to lift a finger.

As a contamination control partner we support you through innovative solutions

We supply and teach you about the textiles that minimise the risk of contamination and we are recognised for the regular innovations we bring to these scientific and research environments.

A clean solution for a dirty job

In today's advanced industry, something as simple as a cloth is crucial for quality assurance. Both the machinery and the end products must always be clean, and disposable materials are often insufficient.

Safer delivery

In the medical environment, hygiene is everything. But it’s not something we want our doctors and nurses to worry about as they carry out their jobs. And as a patient, it’s something we don’t want to question.

Elegant design meets superior service

With an Elis washroom solution, keeping your work environment clean and your staff safe has never been more carefree. Make your selection from our comprehensive range of user-friendly washroom products.

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Company Statistics


  • February 2018
  • 6,500
  • 1883
  • £3,000,000,000

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Portobello Rd, Wakefield, WF2 7JH
Tel: 01924 240250